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our favourite links

A website all about the history of the British television programme «This Is Your Life». Sacha was surprised in this TV show in 1971 by Eamonn Andrews at the London cabaret club, «Talk of the Town»…


A range of innovative storage products (for your Singles,LP,CD,DVD…) Boxes to help you get organised!

Sacha and the EBAE (Debra France since June, 2011)

Epidermolysis Bulleuse self-help Association (EBAE) a non-profit making organisation to fight against this so called "orphan" illness.

Friends of Sacha Distel

A blog all about Sacha and regularly updated. Thanking you for your contribution Isabelle, Anne, Dominique, Maryvonne, Wolf, Julia, Marie-Rose & Catherine, Friends of Sacha.

Django Station: "Sacha Distel - Homage to Django"

A website produced by those who love guitars who pay homage to this great musician Django REINHARDT and to all those who have played this unique style of music. Music that Sacha appreciated so much…

Django Station: "Altitude 10.500"

A 2nd article taken from this website dedicated to Django: The recording of "Nuages" by Sacha on board an Air France Caravelle, in the middle of the clouds…

Guitares Jacobacci

For those who love and are passionate about guitars, French as well.