Lulled to sleep by the harmonies of the "Collégiens", educated and encouraged by the most prominent musicians of the time; Ray Ventura, Stan Getz, Django and many others, Sacha Distel went on to become one of the greatest of French jazz guitarists of the 50’s.

Apparently Louis Armstrong used to say to anyone listening that to make a career in jazz, you had to sing.
Sacha heard him...

Brilliantly « coached » in Paris by a young Henri Salvador with a special gift for suave tunes and slick rhythms, Sacha had the chance of discovering early the appeal of black American music over there. He was just 19 when Ray Ventura dispatched him off to New York in 1952 to learn English and a career in publishing. An invaluable experience (...)

Protected by Uncle Ray and Paul Misraki, guided by Henri Salvador, trained as a pianist, guitarist from choice, Sacha Distel was always interested in composing. Whether it was a witty song, a powerful record or a would be hit, having learnt his trade with the Collégiens and with the help of Bruno Coquatrix, nothing was left to chance.
A « belle vie », needed to be built…

Trained at the tough school of the Champs Elysées dance hall band, the Collégiens or 16th arrondissement parties, Sacha always loved the stage.
With or without his guitar, solo or in a group, large orchestra or in a musical, he never hesitated to steal the show as soon as could. Including for the Queen of England!

Due to his heart throb status; it was inevitable that sooner or later Sacha would be asked to appear on films and television.
A career lasting fifty years, several films and dozens of television shows marked the course of the man who would become in the sixties the very incarnation of relaxation and an icon of French elegance.