Françoise: "... I went out to search the streets. But I didn’t see Sacha Distel..."

Tell us about your first memory of Sacha:
Hello, I’m so pleased to have discovered this superb website dedicated to our NATIONAL HERO SACHA, the first love of my life!
With all the wisdom of my 13 years I fell in love with the 45 rpm records in 1961, "Madam’ madam’" and "Les cariocas" that my mother had just bought. Incidentally I borrowed them for the duration... in my bedroom to play them on my "Pathé Marconi" record player. Whenever she asked me for them back I couldn’t find them. This young man in a brilliant white tee-shirt had won my teenage heart! 
After that I always asked for records whenever possible. I’ve got quite a few. I keep my vinyl records, IRREPLACEABLE... such as "trois fois la France", etc... In any case as far as I think, all his music and songs are COOL. This is truly my point of view!
I miss Sacha enormously! I saw him 10 times in concert. He was so much part of my life that when his death was announced, my best childhood friend, and my twin sister, offered their condolences. They weren’t joking. They knew I was devoted to him and I loved him above everything else!

Have you met him?
Unfortunately I haven’t! But my sister met him in the town centre of Tours where he was making an appearance. He was wearing a pale beige trench-coat with the collar up under his Tyrolienne hat. After this news, as this was the evening before his first concert, I followed her out to search the streets. But I never saw him!

Which is your favourite of Sacha’s songs?
All Sacha’s songs remind me of a time of my life. There have been certain moments where his words soothed my heart.

Which is your favourite side of Sacha’s personality?
As a Singer he expresses his feelings with his heart, looking at the camera or directly at the public in the eyes and as a Jazzman he also plays with all his soul. I adore Manitas del plata, Django Reinhardt, etc...
As a Crooner he carries you away in his words. In public, I had the impression that he only sung for me.
Sacha the Composer achieved everything! Summing up, I think that Sacha was simply SACHA. And not a personality here and there. Sacha as I loved him!

If you had to describe Sacha… What words would you use?
A-DO-RA-BLE!!! And good looking as well! An artist through and through!

Somewhere in France