Sacha Crooner


August 1958, Brigitte & Sacha at Saint Tropez
Juliette (Gréco) & Roméo (Sacha)
Sacha in New York with Maurice Tézé, who produced the (...)
Brilliantly “coached” by Henri Salvador
Sacha and the great Maurice Chevalier, the boss
A style which a public would identify with
In Sacha’s ’crooning’ , there is also dinner jacket and (...)
Return from the USA with his head full of dreams
Sacha, Tony & a certain Joe (Dassin)
Like Tony (Bennett), but my way
The smile, elegance, charm and seduction
Stéphane Grappelli, the greatest jazz violonist after (...)
A crooner also knows how to be elegant
Sacha and the art of seduction