Sacha Jazzman


A little glimpse from BIRDLAND, Nightly Concerts of (...)
28th April 2004, Biréli & Sacha, the last (...)
1955 at the club Saint Germain
The band Sully d’Auteuil
Disques Versaille’s logo at the time
Andrée (mum), Léonine (dad) & Uncle Ray
Sacha best jazz guitarist
Sacha, 14 & boy scout, but already interested in (...)
Bruno Coquatrix, owner & director of Olympia
The accolade between two great jazz musicians
Tito Puente, Dizzy Gillespie & Sacha : The great (...)
Ray Ventura, my uncle
Ray Ventura & his collégiens. But who is the young (...)
Jam session at the Club Saint Germain
We just changed our instruments for the photo


One of a number of articles in Jazz Hot. This one date from May 1956
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