Sacha Television personality


’Without apparent motive’, a classic French whodunit of (...)
Outstanding duos from the Sacha Shows. Here with (...)
High level meeting to prepare the next Sacha Show. With (...)
Johnny & Enrico my two friends
1985, Sacha presents ’La Belle Vie’ on TF1. Here with (...)
Sacha is then Juliette Greco’s guitarist
Sacha the musician
Sacha the entertainer. Here at Olympia in 1966 with Les (...)
The Sacha Show, an ’American Show’ with comedy and (...)
The Sacha Show and its musical sketches. Here with Jean (...)
Sacha ’heart throb’ on the set of the film ’Les Mordus’ (...)
The base team of the Sacha Show : Jean Yanne, Pétula (...)
The Sacha Show, a show with bow ties and dinner (...)
Sacha, an artist able to sing, dance and present a (...)
Sacha with teacher Monsieur Francis Blanche
The Sacha Show, a cult programme
Sacha in the very charming company of Bernadette Lafont (...)